Function Fitting to Develop Class Projects: Alcohol Awareness Models in College Algebra

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Thomas Edmond Cooper


In this article, the author shares models that were created for class projects in a section of College Algebra taught as part of a first-year cohort program in which the participating students complete eight introductory college courses as a learning community. Using real-world data and GeoGebra function fitting commands, the author has developed models related to a community engagement project theme of drug and alcohol awareness. Quadratic, rational, exponential, and logistic models are presented along with data and a discussion of how GeoGebra was used to create the models.

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Thomas Edmond Cooper, University of North Georgia

Tom Cooper is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of North Georgia. He has degrees in Mathematics from the University of Tennessee and a PhD in Mathematics Education from the University of Georgia. His research interest include investigating student-centered learning strategies and appropriate use of technology.