Projective Geometry A Historical Overview and Perspectives for Education

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Lucas Cunha Bastos
Francisco Régis Vieira Alves
Paulo César Cavalcante de Oliveira
Renata Teófilo de Sousa


This article aims to bring a discussion focused on the historical evolution of projective geometry and perspectives that aim at its application in the educational context, especially with the use of GeoGebra for the presentation of its concepts. The historical bias of this geometry field was analyzed in the light of the possibilities of its approach in basic education. The research methodology of this work is of a qualitative nature, bibliographic in nature, where we relate materials that bring the evolution of projective geometry from its genesis to the present day. In the meantime, we bring a perspective of transition between the Euclidean-projective geometries, as a way to elucidate some concepts of projective geometry and facilitate its understanding from the visualization with the contribution of GeoGebra.

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