The North American GeoGebra Journal (NAGJ) is a peer-reviewed journal highlighting the use of GeoGebra in teaching and learning school mathematics (grades K-16). 

Vol 8 No 1: North American GeoGebra Journal

Fostering mathematical understanding through creative investigation.  

Published: 2019-04-18

Creating a Digital Tape Diagram

S. Asli Ozgun-Koca, Michael Todd Edwards, Michael Meagher


Modeling the Paths of the Sun Using GeoGebra

Santiago Cerisola, Azahara López Romero


Proof Without Words: Fermat-Torricelli Theorem

Jay M Jahangiri, Moshe Stupel


Achievement of Dual Language Learners in the Study of Nets

Ziham Zawawi Mazlan, Chew Cheng Meng, Muhammad Faizul bin Abdul Hamid


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